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What is a Chimney Cake?

Chimney Cakes, traditionally known as Kürtőskalács in Hungarian, are freshly baked, bread-like pastries that have a sweet crunchy exterior and a light fluffy inside. Their hollow cylindrical shape resembles a smoking chimney when the treat is taken from the oven and removed from the wooden cooking roll. We have taken a recipe that’s over 300 years old and modernized it to today’s new taste palates.

Savory Menu

Our savory cakes, which are coated with extra virgin olive oil, herbs & spices, and different cheeses could Hungarian sausage, or just one of our delicious spreads inside.

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Sweet Menu

Our sweet cakes are coated and are great to enjoy as a base for our sundaes, dips and spreads. Enjoy our sweet cakes lined with a sweet spread, or simply on their own!

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About The Budapest Bakeshop

The Budapest Bakeshop is a boutique bakery that specializes in Hungarian Kürtőskalács, known as Chimney Cakes in North America. It was founded in 2018 by Anett and Todd Kane and opened its doors in the historic Old Town of Niagara on the Lake, Ontario in April of 2019. Anett was born and raised in Kecskemet, Hungary and grew up baking and enjoying Kürtőskalács with her family before moving to Canada. The couple wanted to bring this unique and delicious pastry which is served in both Sweet and Savory fashions to the people of Southern Ontario and travelers of the world. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with an unparalleled product and experience inside our bakeshop.

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